Cost of landscaping

There are many perceptions of “landscaping”. When hearing the term many thoughts go right to the overgrown and high maintenance shrubs (aka bushes) around the house. Maybe you think of the drudgery of mowing and cleaning up after messy trees. Some might think about the guy with a pickup truck and lawn mower who helps with this work. Others might think about the nice elaborate gardens with waterfalls, patios and outdoor kitchens. In this case you might react by tightening your grip on your wallet and thinking about how expensive such a project would be. Our Ohio state government in fact has determined it a “luxury” and decided the labor on landscaping should be taxed. In any case, I consider it the outdoor environment. “Designed nature” so to speak. Around your home it’s where you LIVE………… your “castle”……………. your biggest investment! Whatever it means to you, it’s important. Get it right. The right plant in the right place makes all the difference between an asset or a liability!

For me landscape gardening is quality of life. It’s privacy screening from noise and wind. It’s sitting in the shade on the patio surrounded by color and fragrance. This and more can be yours with proper knowledge and planning! It doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. In fact, done correctly, it can be less expensive to have professional help than to do it yourself. The professional will (should) get it right the first time so that year’s later the planting matures correctly. The main thing is to have a master plan and work the plan. With a plan, you could conceivably plant the project one plant at a time and be working toward the ultimate goal. You can use smaller plants to save on cost also. Good landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive! Correct landscaping can be easier maintenance than no landscaping!

Certainly the plants can be inexpensive if you choose the right ones and start small. Patios, walls, pergolas and water features will certainly add to the cost of the job. But those things absolutely add to the value and enjoyment of your home as well. I can drive down just about any street in America and notice that most of the homes need help in one form or another. Consider the increased value of your home. Not to mention the added enjoyment you’ll get from your time living there. Let’s talk!