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Benefits of Wholesale

Plants are our passion. We at Hickory Lane Farms take pride in growing many of the plants we use ourselves.  This way, we have total control of the selection and viability of the inventory used to create your landscape environment.

There are a ton of benefits to growing our own plants.  Our plants are raised locally and WILL thrive in Central Ohio

Quality plants, affordable prices

We grow in sufficient quantity to sell wholesale to other landscape and garden center companies.

If you are a landscape professional interested in buying from our inventory, please contact us for further information.

Growing and selling at wholesale also allows us to keep our cost down and pass the savings on to you.

We are happy to add value to our community by growing and installing the most resilient and aesthetic plants which will thrive in our area.

Wholesale Landscaping Plants in Columbus & Marysville, OH

Working with You

Wholesale Landscaping Plants in Marysville, Ohio

Working with other industry professionals is a mutually beneficial partnership that allows more “plants that work” to help turn landscapes into gardens that will increase in value over time and improve quality of life for consumers.

Saving money on the plants is only the surface of benefits you’ll get by working with us. You will get our knowledge and expertise all the way from design ideas to which plants will look best and “perform” in our climate. We want to help you make your planting project a thriving success!


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