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Ohio Plants and Trees

We grow most of the plants and trees we use to design and install our gardens.
Here’s a few of our favorites.

Pine and Spruce Trees

Pine and spruce trees make a wonderful addition to your home by creating privacy and protection from bad views and severe winter winds.  Our custom designed windbreaks are natural in appearance and environmentally stable.  We have ideas you’ve probably never considered.  Before spending your time and money on such an important project we need to talk!

Because we grow the plants ourselves, we can provide you with great value and even advise you on aftercare. We can supply trees from 3 to 12 feet tall. We can also provide specific plant recommendations for fast growth and a long lasting screen.

Landscaping Plants in Marysville and Columbus, OH

White Pine

Screen planting year 1

Screen planting year 5

Screen planting year 10

Native Plants

plants for Marysville and Columbus, Ohio climate

Pagoda Dogwood

At Hickory Lane Farms, we’ve selected a few native Ohio plants for landscaping that are very ornamental, adaptable and reflect the best of our natural Ohio landscape.

These plants naturally thrive in the central Ohio climate. They tolerate our heavy soils, hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.



Customer Comments

It looks beautiful! I am so excited. The trees look amazing! Thank you so much!
Amy M., Marysville, OH
I’m thrilled! I love the way you guys arrange the plants.
Beth A., Marysville, OH
Got home. Loved what I saw! Can’t wait to watch everything grow!
Regina T., Richland, OH



perennials for ohio climate

‘Ceasar’s Brother’ Siberian iris

Perennials are a major component of low maintenance landscape garden design, but they can be a lot of work. However, we at Hickory Lane Farms can consult you on which perennials would look the best and will attractively fill in a space with little care.

Some examples would be Hosta, daylily, and Siberian iris.

We like these plants because they take care of themselves and their foliage is attractive even when they are not in bloom.

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