New Chapter at HLF

I’d like to take the opportunity this month to inform you of new developments at Hickory Lane Farms.  I will be stepping back from sales and working more in the nursery and behind the scenes.  My very capable son, Jacob, will be taking a more active role in sales.  This is only fitting since he’s the one doing the jobs anyway.  His wife, Julie, will be handling communication and billing.

Julie is a great communicator.  She’s a “people person”.  You’ll love her.  And Jacob has long been the motivator and the builder of this company.  I’ll still be around in an advisory capacity. I’m not going anywhere.  I’ve enjoyed many years of dealing with you all.  I’ll still be writing these newsletters and responding to occasional questions.

Enjoy what’s left of the winter “downtime” and we’ll see you in the spring.

By the way………….if you know anyone who’d be interested in working for our exciting young company, please let us know!

Mike Epp