Happy Mother’s Day !

Mothers Day is a good rule of thumb for planting annuals and taking your house plants outside.  Of course we need to watch the weather forecast carefully as we’ve had killing frost up until May 15 but this year with all the rain and cloudy weather I think we are done with freezing temps.  Now we just need to wait for things to dry out a bit!

I recall that last April was supposedly the “coldest on record”, but this year doesn’t seem to be far off.  This year might have been wetter.  I’ve not seen many farm fields planted yet.  I recall seeing farm crops planted as early as March before but this year it will be mid May at best!

I’m seeing a fair amount of winter damage this spring.  Particularly on weigela for some reason.  And, of course the Knock out roses took another hit for about the 4th time in recent years.  Weeping cherries also had some damage.  But don’t get too concerned quite yet.  It’s been cold and wet through April, as you know, and many plants need more consistent heat to flush out.  Some noteworthy “late leafers” are Rose of Sharon, Summersweet and all the needle evergreens like pine, spruce and arborvitae.  These things are just starting to pop.   Many people have called concerned about the winter burn on conifers but they should grow out of it with new growth soon.   Some perennials that come up very late include the perennial Hibiscus and most of the ornamental grasses.  So be patient, enjoy the early bloomers and look forward to the late season show.

Plants and weather………….aren’t they fascinating?