It’s been a challenging year.

Wow, this is the year of records! We had record ugly weather in April. Record heat in May and it looks like a near record wet in June and we are record busy. Despite all that, we’ve done pretty well keeping up with promises for install dates. My key to that is not to make promises…..:) At least I keep some leeway built in to my promises. We’ve got a concrete subcontractor that is telling anyone who calls on his voice mail that he’s booked up for the year 2018 ! I won’t say that. But I am grateful to our patient and understanding clients who are willing to wait for our special abilities.

In the landscape business the weather dictates everything. I’ve got other landscapers calling me this year giving me work that they can’t get done. We just do what we can with the weather dealt us. If it rains in Bellefontaine we work in Plain City. If a job needs equipment or topsoil we just wait for a drier day. It all works out. But our poor crews have had to work through some pretty ugly weather. I recall a job in April where we’d be working off a concrete driveway, so not too bad, right? Wrong, we got 5 inches of snow that day we had to deal with. Then the next day we got tornado winds and cold temps. Remember when we were begging for warm days? Welcome to summer!
If it’s wet…………… a rain garden!