The Quiet Season

Everybody wants me in the spring, nobody wants me in the winter. But that’s OK. I actually enjoy the down time to rejuvenate and be ready for another busy spring. Winter in central Ohio is despised by many locals. I get it. Our winters are typically just an ugly disruption of our busy summer lives and activities. Frozen mud is no fun. But in my travels I’ve found that people in areas with cold, snowy winters actually get out and enjoy the winter season. Skiing, both downhill and cross country, snow shoeing, ice boating, ice climbing and ice skating are just a few of the many activities that can only be done in winter. Of course there’s also the activity of sitting by a cozy fire with a good book and hot cup of coffee……………….

The winter garden also has its own unique beauty. I sometimes like a midwinter escape to someplace warm, but Ohio is home and a great place to return to with close family and friends. I hope your winter is warm, comfy, safe and interesting!