Hickory Farms Newsletter – December 2015

Merry Christmas to all our friends of Hickory Lane Farms. I always welcome the Christmas season as things slow down a bit and I can take a deep breath after a crazy spring and long growing season. Having some time on my hands during this family season makes me think back on where we came from. Although Hickory Lane Farms Nursery and Landscape LLC is a relatively young company, actually……………. we’ve got history!

Here’s a picture of our family business in the early days:

landscape horticulture

Yes, those are my partners hanging off the back of this truck.

My father was an avid gardener but as a youth, like my boys, I didn’t show much interest. It was only during college that I began to think about the possibility of the nursery business and “gardening” as a profession. So I declared my major in Landscape Horticulture.

Following college I travelled for 3 years working in gardens, landscape companies and parks in Boston, England and Germany. What an experience! I could write a novel about that but the bottom line is, I returned to Marysville, Ohio to manage a landscape and garden center company. After 10 years in retail I moved to a wholesale sales position with a large nursery grower selling plants to other landscapers across the midwest. It was only after my 2 sons grew up and decided they’d like to start a landscape company that I came back from the wholesale nursery business into residential landscaping. It’s been a blessing working with my sons and the wonderful people we serve on a daily basis.

Enjoy this Christmas season and the wonderful memories you’ll make with your family!