Hickory Farms Newsletter – November 2015

Garden Design………………….…who’d of thought?

Unfortunately, most plantings around our homes are done by homeowners without much forethought or by the builder as part of a building requirement.

In the latter case, neighborhood associations often require a basic builder landscape which usually involves some inexpensive, fast growing shrubs which are copied at each house up and down the street.

Homeowners with spring fever might visit a garden center and pick out whatever looks good that day. Or we might see a pretty tree at the neighbors so we want one of those in the middle of the front yard.

Of course in most cases the ultimate plant size is not considered so that 10 years down the road many of these plants must be removed. This is a waste of time and money.

I suggest that your home environment is far too important to leave to chance and whim. Plan it, plant it, enjoy it !!!   You can increase your quality of life at home with proper landscape design. You can increase your property value in case you decide to sell your house!

And…….. maintenance? We can certainly reduce maintenance with proper design. Give it much forethought before you buy and plant anything. Think about it…………shade trees should be placed where you will benefit from the shade. Evergreens should be placed where you want to block a bad view or strong winds. Flowering plants can be mixed with evergreens for interesting contrast. The front of your house should be pleasant in all seasons. Your patio can be a splash of summer color and fragrance. Know how big something gets before placing it around your house!

Enjoy this beautiful fall. It’s a great time to plant, if you’ve thought out your planting. You can plant up until the ground freezes. Otherwise, you can use those cold winter days to PLAN for spring PLANTING.

Happy Holidays.
Your Maysville, Ohio Landscaper